The Dustbin of History is a collaborative history blog. It was established to provide a platform and a forum for early-career historians to present their work, thoughts and ideas to a wider public. Most importantly, it hopes to highlight forgotten nuggets of our past and retrieve the wealth of interesting material left outside of traditional historical narratives, discarded in the dustbin of history.

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  1. Sara and Colleagues,

    Much of my earlier work, rescued from pre-digital age, printed books, is now available on the web.

    The online works now include the 6 volumes of Patrick O’Sullivan, ed., The Irish World Wide, 1992-1997. See…



    It is possible to download the 6 volumes of The Irish World Wide as 6 individual, large pdf files.

    But each volume is also separated out into individual chapters – each chapter in its own pdf file, and easy to download and carry around. This solves a recurring problem, that I get requests for copies of specific chapters.

    Special attention is drawn – of course – to my own chapters on The Irish Joke, in Volume 3, and on Famine Theory, in Volume 6. But if someone wants to jump in at the deep end, I recommend reading my Introduction to Volume 5, Religion and Identity – gives an idea of the approach and the method…

    If anyone needs to contact me with any technical query I can be contacted on osullivan@villanous.ie

    Patrick O’Sullivan

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